Latest Quotes


Life is not when you see something precious but when you feel precious.


My emotions stuck between the lines…….and I know you can understand them.


I don’t care what the hell is going on around……this is not my dispute! Only this mentality making us to think, that really we are are human??


To become a successor…….you need to do something with all your heart……not mandatory to be hard.


The funny thing about my life is, I am not letting myself down infrint of it.

Hold on

Hold on yourself for a while, No support is looking except the wall. This way you can afford life again when no else is there.


Impossibilities are the fact of mind…while possibilities are the fact of life. Everything you thought is the slave of mind but the love of life.


Writing is world Which’s full of words Emotions are street Views are green…


Sometimes arguements let you know someone’s emotions very deeply….so that next time you can make their moods better. And this process may be known as perfect you and me.